Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are Our Household Cleaners and Toiletries Killing Us?

As many of you know I myself am not a huge believer in the recent organic/ Monsanto craze.  However on occasion I hear from people who make a somewhat compelling argument on the topic.  My grandmother came to me with some products that are definitely organic and from what some studies are claiming safer than the things we use everyday.  Now as open minded people like I know most of us are I decided to hear her out and check out a few of these presentations.  I figured I would allow you guys to see what she had written and decide for yourselves whether or not it is something that you would like to pursue.  This is not a paid endorsement of any product or a statement of one products superiority.  It is just a thought and from my grandmother and something I thought some of you would be interested in.  I have no official opinion on this because I have yet to do the research so take it for what it is and I encourage you to look into it more if you are curious.


Apathy.   This is my story about apathy.  How it affected my life.   Apathy is the lack of interest or enthusiasm or the lack of concern.  In other words - indifference, often in things that strongly affect our lives.

I knew there were things I should do , but well, I would get around to them.  Just not now.  It could wait.  I was doing ok.  I talked about eating organic food but you know, it's easier to just pick things up around the corner, and it does cost more.  I might have to forgo a movie or eating  out to be healthy and  it wasn't going to kill me.  Or was  it???

Then one day as I was looking in the mirror after my shower, I saw something that did not look right.  Now I had time to check things on the computer.  It said it could be a symptom of breast cancer.  My heart almost stopped!

I called the doctor, got a mammogram, some other tests and behold, I not only had breast cancer, but lung cancer and skin cancer , all at  the same time.   Not too busy now to look at things but too busy to do anything but have one biopsy after the other (4 in all).  Next came 3 surgeries to remove the cancers and then radiation and chemo pills.  I opted out of the other chemo drugs.

Monday, July 22, 2013

French Police Clash With Islamic Militants Over New Veil Restrictions

About 250 people hurling projectiles clashed with police firing tear gas west of Paris, in apparent protest over enforcement of France's ban on Islamic face veils. Five people were injured and six detained in the violence, authorities said Saturday.

The interior minister urged calm and dialogue, insisting on both the need for public order and respect for France's Muslims. The incident in the town of Trappes on Friday night reflected sporadic tensions between police upholding France's strict policies of secularism and those who accuse authorities of discriminating against France's No. 2 religion.

A few garbage dumpsters in the area were torched and a bus shelter shattered in the Trappes unrest. Spent tear gas capsules lay on the road Saturday near the police station at the center of the violence.

A 14-year-old boy suffered a serious eye injury in the violence, from a projectile of unknown provenance, Prosecutor Vincent Lesclous told reporters. Four police officers were injured and six people were detained in the violence, said an official with the regional police administration. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to be named due to his department's rules.

On Saturday night, fearing new violence, riot police deployed around the town, but the atmosphere appeared calm.

Gunmen Launch Attacks on Abu Ghraib

Armed gunmen have launched an attack on the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, hitting the facility with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars, officials say. Twelve people were killed in the attacks.

The attackers hit the facility on the western outskirts of Baghdad late on Sunday night, as well as another prison in Taji, north of the capital.

The interior ministry said soldiers, police and attack helicopters had been dispatched to the prison to end the fighting and rioting by prisoners.

Three soldiers and a police officer were killed at Abu Ghraib, along with three of the attackers; while at Taji prison, five people were killed, including two soldiers and an inmate.

Al Jazeera's Jane Arraf, reported from Baghdad, said the attacks appeared to have been staged in an attempt to free prisoners.

"[Abu Ghraib prison] is now home to several high-ranking al-Qaeda prisoners, as is the prison in Taji," she said.
Series of bombings

The Islamic State of Iraq, the umbrella group for al-Qaeda in Iraq, has launched several similar raids in the past, aimed at freeing comrades being held in Iraqi prisons.

Miami Vice! Coast Guard Seizes $35 Million in Cocaine

A high-speed chase played out like a movie scene in the Caribbean Sea this week and the load of cocaine was brought to Miami Saturday morning.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter hunted down a boat carrying the massive load and was forced to use weapons.

“This is a big seizure, this is (showing drugs) 2,300 pounds of cocaine that will not make it to America,” said Lieutenant Commander Gabe Somma with the U.S. Coast Guard 7th District.

The drugs coming in from South America were seized July 14.

“A pursuit ensued, the go-fast would not stop. The coast guard helicopter fired warning shots, the go-fast continued on its course so the Coast Guard helicopter fired a shot to disable its engine.”

Forty two bales of cocaine were thrown overboard during the chase according to the Coast Guard.

“This continues to be an increasing trend were seeing in the central Caribbean,”said Lieutenant Commander Somma.

Earlier in July, the Coast Guard seized 1,250 pounds of cocaine off the coast of Costa Rica.

Gingrich: Gangs Up 40% Since Obama Took Office